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Our Adult Functional Training is perfect for those who want to get or stay in shape. Each class is unique, challenging different areas of your body designed to improve fitness, with the emphasis on overall strength and healthy conditioning. The adult clientele is coached to be challenged, move better, and feel great. Join our tribe!

Quick Lift, Kettleball Training, Crossfit, Fitness Classes, Class Passes, Energy No Limit, Taunton, MA
Fitness Class, Energy No Limit, Taunton MA
Crossfit Class
Core Fitness, Athletic Training, Fitness Classes, Energy No Limite, Taunton MA


We offer a variety of Membership & Class Pass Options for classes at ENL and virtual classes to fit your needs.



Sweat. You'll feel your fat crying as we pour through metabolic conditioning in our High Intensity Interval Training class!

Absolute Strength
"Strength has a greater purpose" - Pavel Tsatsouline. This class features resistance training to develop total body strength using basic principles scientifically proven to get you STRONG!

A member favorite here at ENL. This class features a wide variety of protocols to increase various benchmarks fo your functional fitness. A sweaty, fun time for your Saturday mornings!


At ENL, we know that strength training is the key to a well-rounded fitness program - for any goal. But to truly unlock your strength gains, we also know you need to be training through full range of motion - pain-free. Our mobility class maintains this by moving through full range by using movements geared towards getting and keeping you mobile. Every class is different and it also focuses on breathing technique in addition to end range resistance training and stretching - not static stretching but dynamic movements. You may find your heart rate rising and sweat dripping but this will be a by-product of the true goal of mobilizing your muscles and joints. This is a great way to also give your central nervous system a break from overworking while doing strength (and hypertrophy or muscle-building) movements and HIIT style cardiovascular workouts. In this class we use bands, kettlebells and bodyweight modalities to fully unlock your movement potential!

AFT Classes
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Monthly $65 

or Full Fall Pack (3 months) $186 



For questions regarding our Adult Functional Training Programs, contact

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