Our Adult Functional Training is perfect for those who want to get or stay in shape. Each class is unique, challenging different areas of your body designed to improve fitness, with the emphasis on overall strength and healthy conditioning. The adult clientele is coached to be challenged, move better, and feel great. Join our tribe!

Quick Lift, Kettleball Training, Crossfit, Fitness Classes, Class Passes, Energy No Limit, Taunton, MA
Fitness Class, Energy No Limit, Taunton MA
Crossfit Class
Core Fitness, Athletic Training, Fitness Classes, Energy No Limite, Taunton MA


We offer a variety of Membership & Class Pass Options for classes at ENL and virtual classes to fit your needs.



Kettlebell Sweat
Kettlebells, complexes and sweat - Oh My! Whether you're a grizzled veteran of this amazing tool or are curious what the buzz is about - this class will run the gamut. We use StrongFirst principles implemented by our resident SFC I Instructor!

Sweat. You'll feel your fat crying as we pour through metabolic conditioning in our High Intensity Interval Training class!

Absolute Strength
"Strength has a greater purpose" - Pavel Tsatsouline. This class features resistance training to develop total body strength using basic principles scientifically proven to get you STRONG!

Every training program should feature mobility and flexibility and this class focuses on developing those tenets. We'll use a variety of resistance bands and bodyweight movements to open up your joints and make you more resilient. 


A member favorite here at ENL. This class features a wide variety of protocols to increase various benchmarks fo your functional fitness. A sweaty, fun time for your Saturday mornings!






ENL is happy to announce the Weight Loss Individual and Team Challenge has returned!


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit, stay fit, like a team atmosphere, liked to be challenged, and enjoy a fun competitive atmosphere. This is awesome opportunity to work with one of the most knowledgeable staff in the area!!  All coaches are certified in multiple modalities. 

How does it work?

  • Enter a Team of 3-4 participants (team names are a must)

  • Get focused for 8 weeks taking classes with ENL!

  • Be ready to lose weight and complete team challenges for points!


Opportunities to win!

 1. Individual Champ: Most weight lost at the end of 8 weeks.

 2. Team Champs: Scores the most points at the end of 8 weeks.

What does the ENL Pre-Summer Challenge Offer?


  • An 8 week fully programmed training protocol, Including Recovery and Mobility work.

  • Options to take classes both Live in the ENL gym or virtually! 7 class options per week.

  • Weekly zoom meeting with the ENL coaching staff

  • Nutritional Guidance and Coaching Support 24/7 

  • Two 1 hour Certified Nutritionist Coaching Group sessions

  • T-shirts!

  • Post Challenge Party!

  • Team Challenges! 




For questions regarding our Adult Functional Training Programs, contact