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January will set off another round of great opportunities for young softball players. ENL will be offering programs at the


1. Battery Breakdown

2. Live Hitting

3. Individual Sessions

4. Group Sessions


Battery Breakdown 3 Week Program

This program is strictly for pitchers and catchers, (the battery). 2 hours focusing on developing the dynamic between the two positions. Both positions will train the first hour on developmental work, with catching and pitching coaches. The second hour the "Battery's" will work together facing actually batters. Coaches will have certain goals for the athletes each week, to work on during the live sessions. Players will leave this program understanding how to bring out the best in each other on and off the field.

Dates: Tuesday January 4, 11, 18

Time: 6pm -8pm

Price: Catchers - $300.00 Pitchers - $300.00

Ages: 12-18

We encourage Battery's from the same team to register for this program!

If you don't have a battery no problem, we can team you up!


Live Hitting 3 Week Program

Batters will face off against our ENL pitcher and catcher battery's for 1 hour. Guaranteed 6 live at bats each session. Coaches will be present to offer feedback at the end of each session. Keep in mind this is not a lesson, this is for the hitters to get in reps and receive feedback later.

Dates: Tuesday January 4, 11, 18

Time: 7pm-8pm

Price: 135.00

Ages: 12-18


Private and Group Instructions Thursdays

All the ENL staff will be offering sessions 6pm-8pm January 6,13, 20

Pitching, Hitting and Catching! Pick your favorite coach, or work with all of them =) To register follow the link out our site.

  • energynolimittrain

We have t-shirts! We love these. They are super soft and the color is, in our humble opinion, electric! You can pick them up at the gym... Stock is limited so get yours now! Sizes run from adult S - XL.

  • energynolimittrain

Curious about what Kettlebells can offer your fitness? Are you an athlete looking to up your game? A grandparent wanting to be able to pick up and play with your grandchildren? A weekend warrior? Trying to jump-start your return to normal from summer? Come see how kettlebells can help you.

At ENL Training, we are offering a 4 hour workshop that will touch upon all of the basics of using this tool. Learn how to swing a bell, with one and two hands and gain proficiency in performing the ultimate "slow-burn" in fitness, the Turkish Get-Up. You will leave this workshop being able to

perform these movements using the Hard-Style protocol. Our resident StrongFirst certified Instructor, Robb Parris, will guide you through the introduction using both verbal direction and demos - as only ENL can provide - with fun, focus and family. Even if you have used bells before, everyone needs a refresher or just a keen eye to dial our technique.

Come find out what separates us from the rest. If fitness has become stale, if you're tired of floating around feeling "what should I do today?", come see us. Our principles are unmatched in the area - and you wouldn't know it by reading this - but we know how to have fun while doing it!

Space is limited - don't wait to register!

What You Get: Presentation, Workbook, Demonstration and Knowledge! Oh... and you may do some sweating!!

Date: October 23, 2021

Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm - with a lunch break

Cost: $100.00 + tax - Members

$150.00 + tax - Non-Members

$125.00 + tax - Non-Member Athletes (14-18)

Questions: E-Mail us at or

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