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It's almost back to school time already. Register early for our fall 2021 Athletic Performance Training Programs for Middle and High School Athletes and save!

8 WEEK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAMS Register early and save! Space is limited. HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES: 8 WEEK FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM Ages 13-18 Looking for your athlete to enhance their skills in athletic performance? ENL has the perfect program! A designed 8 week program working with our professional coaching staff 2 times a week. The program focuses on speed, mobility, agility, strength, reaction and explosive power while always focusing on proper technique. This will help get your athlete to gain an edge on the diamond, pitch, field, court, or ice! Your athlete will leave the program feeling stronger and faster while gaining knowledge of how to take care of their body properly to prevent injury. Nutritional advice included as are metrics designed to show progress over time. Tuesdays & Thursdays September 7 - October 28 6:30pm Cost: $150.00 Register before September 1: $112.50 Use code: HSFOUNFALL21 REGISTER

MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETES: 8 WEEK INITIATOR PROGRAM Ages 8-12 Looking for your athlete to jump start their fitness and skills in athletic performance? ENL has the perfect program for the young athlete. Our philosophy is that young athletes need more than a specialized practice in one sport. The goal of this program is to develop a strong foundation of proper technique, learn how their own body moves and gain confidence in their physical abilities. Enhance speed, agility, mobility, reaction, power and strength for any and all sports. All of these skills can also enhance injury-prevention. These kids will learn to "love the grind" while having a blast with our fun staff - and a few surprises along the way. Athlete evaluations included. Tuesdays & Thursdays September 7 - October 28 4:30pm $130.00 Register before September 1: $97.50 Use code: MSINITFALL21 REGISTER



Our Adult Functional Training is perfect for those who want to get or stay in shape. Each class is unique, challenging different areas of your body designed to improve fitness, with the emphasis on overall strength and healthy conditioning. The adult clientele is coached to be challenged, move better, and feel great. Join our tribe!

QUESTIONS? For questions regarding our Athletic Training Programs, contact us at

Thank you. ENL Team


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